Amanda and Matthew are two souls who crossed paths at the tender age of 16. They journeyed into a relationship throughout their teenage years and pursed their intellectual interests in post secondary school. Amanda has an educational background in Social Service Work and Matthew has a degree in Health and Sciences. Fast forward to 10 years into their relationship, they pursued their next romantic milestone and got engaged. They decided shortly after to venture into something spontaneous, risky yet personally rewarding. They moved out of the Greater Toronto Area into Grande Prairie, Alberta. In that time, many obstacles arose, and Matthew underwent a depressive state due to the lack of contentment in his career switch into the oil field. Physically, mentally and emotionally drained everyday, reaching out to Amanda his fiancé , for words of encouragement and comfort. In those moments, Amanda referred to herself as “Katuta”. She related and connected to the medicine man “Ketut” in the movie “Eat, Pray, Love.” In that year, the seed had been planted for “Katuta”. Working as a Full Time Manager for a YMCA Childcare Center and spending her evenings and weekends helping a friend at a holistic shop, nourished that seed to explore and grow more. Amanda and Matthew pursued taking an all natural soap making workshop where they learned the benefits of using nature's ingredients and elements to help heal our bodies.  


  Formerly known as “Katuta’s Beauty”, their small artesian line of natural beauty products, made their debut in several local markets and even into a local Floral Studio. The seed of holistic healing had been rooted and began to blossom. Katuta’s Beauty was reborn to “Katuta’s ”. A beautiful holistic healing line of products servicing the mind, body, spirit connection. Products are created with loving intention and infused with the healing energy of Reiki. Additionally, an extension of the vision of Katuta's birthed into a Holistic CommUNITY Online Shop. Our vision is to encompass CommUNITY, diversity, local support and women empowerment, while offering an array of holistic and wellness products for you and your loved ones.

  “Connect your mind, Love your body, Heal your spirit. “ -Katuta